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It’s officially gifting season which only means one thing; we all try to find the perfect & unique gift for our loved ones. However, it also means a lot of waste. Why not do it differently this year? With our 2022 Sustainable Gift Guide, we tried to find the best selection of sustainable and planet-friendly gifts. It is extremely important to us to feature small & independent businesses like us because when you purchase from one of these businesses, you really support someone’s dream.

Let’s see our list of amazing sustainable gifts:

What’s better than gifting someone a special handmade & eco-friendly home décor which can make their home look cosy, stylish and luxurious? We have a wide range of beautiful handmade linen cushion covers which are both eco-friendly, durable, hypoallergenic and made from premium-quality linen. They all have a modern and timeless design which fits into basically any interior, so they are perfect as a gift. If you are not sure about someone’s interior style, just choose something neutral like a beige or white – you cannot go wrong with those colours.

Linen and Stripes Beigecottonline collage
Photo Credit: Linen & Stripes

Perfumes are expensive, (mostly) tested on animals and the ingredients are usually anything but eco-friendly. This Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace can be a low-waste and sustainable alternative to perfumes which uses essential oils as fragrance, not to mention a beautiful yet function accessory for every day. Can be a lovely gift for women and teenagers who loves necklaces / accessories and try to be more eco-conscious in many areas of their lives.

Klary Aromatherapy Diffuser Necklace linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Klary

Price: £24.99

Do you wanna gift someone some “me-time”? Well, a jigsaw puzzle is the perfect gift to encourage someone to take a break and slow down a bit. The “Pieces Of The Puzzle” jigsaws don’t only come in beautiful contemporary designs but they are also handcrafted, sustainable and plastic free. It’s the perfect activity to reduce anxiety, to be focused and to do a little digital detox.

Pieces of the Puzzle Jigsaw Puzzle linen and stripes
Photo credit: Pieces of the Puzzle

Price: £35.00

Homemade edible gift options are thoughtful & personal, but what if don’t want to / cannot bake or want something less Christmas-y? These Nummy’s boxes don’t only look so yummy and literally beautiful but they don’t contain any nasties and are also vegan so they are free from any animal product; no living being has been harmed in the making process making them all planet – and animal friendly.

NUMMY Vegan cake or doughnut gift boxes linen and stripes
Photo Credit: NUMMY

Price: £19.50

Christmas is the peak season for buying toys for your little one, why not choose something that is eco-friendly, plastic-free and beautifully crafted to the highest quality?! Envirotoy has such a wide range of toys for different age groups so you would definitely find someone special for your little one. What’s more, Envirotoy also donates 1% of its turnover to project where their goal is to reduce the amount of plastic in the oceans.

Price: £2.50 – £150

Something functional yet stylish & sustainable? The Lucy & Yak Organic Cotton Apron is perfect for florists, bakers, artists, painters, potters or literally anyone who needs an apron in their lives. Ethically made, adjustable straps and large pockets? Yes, yes, and yes.

Lucy and Yak Organic Cotton Apron linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Lucy & Yak

Price: £20

Stylish storage solutions are absolutely needed in every single household. So, why not gift something that is quality beautiful & functional?  Here are our very own linen storage baskets which double as a plant pot as well. These baskets/ pots are beautiful, natural, and eco-friendly made out of premium-quality linen. The storage basket/ plant pot is the absolute perfect gift for those who love to combine aesthetic with practicality in their homes. Our reversible storage baskets are the perfect organisers for any home as they are very multifunctional; use these as zero-waste organisers for toys, make up, craft supplies, toiletries, or as a plant holder – the sky is the limit.

Linen Stripes Eco linen storage basket indoor plant pot linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Linen & Stripes

Price: from £20.90 – choose from different sizes and colour combinations

What’s better than some fun socks for Christmas which are also eco-friendly? Not only that but by purchasing the Leiho Bamboo Socks Set, the brand will also donate another 3 pairs of socks to someone who is experiencing homelessness. So, it is really the perfect charitable gift. Not to mention that they are super soft, cosy and made out of sustainable bamboo which is one of the best and finest material to make eco-friendly socks. The designs are super cool and unisex as well – making it perfect for both women and men.

LEIHO Happy Bamboo Socks Gift Set linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Leiho

Price: £33

A calendar which you can plant? What? Yes, you heard right. This beautiful calendar contains 12 plantable strips made of seed-paper (organic-certified and open -pollinated seeds) which you can plant in each month according to the instructions. The whole calendar is plastic-free and printed using eco ink. It is the perfect introduction to gardening for beginners; you will find facts and useful info about taking care of your plants, flowers, herbs, and vegetables. It gives such a fun twist to our yearly calendar and an especially perfect gift for those who are interested in gardening or growing their own fruits/ veggies / herbs.

Primoza The Growable Calendar linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Primoza

Price: £24.90

Whether it’s for women or men, cardholders are always a practical gift especially if they combine sustainability with aesthetics and functionality. Look at this amazing cork cardholder, I absolutely love the natural texture and colour, not to mention that it could be the perfect stocking filler.

Mind the Cork Cork Vegan Leather Cardholder linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Mind the Cork

Price: £18

Fancy gifting a luxurious and cosy good-night sleep? Then, our natural linen duvet cover is the perfect gift for your loved ones. There are so many reasons why linen is one of the best fabrics to choose to sleep in. Linen is natural, eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, ideal for sensitive skin, bacteria resistant, moisture absorbing and anti-allergenic. What’s more, it’s also breathable, heat conducting, durable and has a luxurious texture and delightful softness.

Linen Stripes Eco friendly Linen Duvet Cover linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Linen & Stripes

Price: from £126

Last but not least, if you are looking for luxurious accessories but still very much sustainable and planet-friendly, Elvis & Kresse’s luxury handcrafted bags are just the things you are looking for. They are made from upcycled firehose they save from going to landfill, they are donating 50% of their profits back to charities and they are a certified B corporation. It cannot get any better than this, trust me. Not to mention that their lifestyle accessories look so unique and nothing you have ever seen before. They are doing accessories both for men and women so you can definitely find the style and colour you are looking for.

Elvis and Kresse luxury bags lifestyle accessories linen and stripes
Photo Credit: Elvis & Kresse

Price: Bags starts at £160.00 – but you can find smaller accessories at a more affordable price

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Wrapping your presents in a zero-waste way? Yes. Check out the Furoshiki fabric gift wrapping method in order to eliminate the unnecessary rubbish when it comes to wrapping gifts.

I hope that you found this Gift Guide somewhat useful and gave you some ideas for what to gift your loved ones this Christmas. When it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable gifts, they really don’t have to be zero waste swaps and bamboo straws; if you do your research and take your time, I am sure that you’ll able to find a more planet-friendly option to anything. Don’t forget to support small businesses this festive season because you really get to support someone’s dream when you make a purchase from an independent little brand.

Have a lovely festive season xx

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