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Introducing our new limited collection Pure by Linen and Stripes

We have decided to launch our 1st limited collection to create a set of pillow covers all from natural fabrics with a meaning behind them.

2020 completely changed the world and our lives as well. Due to the worldwide pandemic, we all had to stay at HOME. None of us experienced it before, the situation was new, scary and unpredictable. Somehow our homes became the centre of our lives for months and we all realised how important it is to create a nest where we all feel less stressed and overwhelmed.

We have to admit, it was great to finally be able to spend some time outside of our house after the lockdown ended, however, we do appreciate our home a lot more than we did before!

So, we have decided that this new collection will have one purpose: TO CELEBRATE OUR HOMES! To be grateful for the place we live in and it doesn’t matter what size it is. It can be a studio flat or a 6-bedroom house, a place becomes a HOME because of us and our feeling of belonging and safety!

To celebrate our homes, we wanted to create a collection with real values: so we have only used natural and sustainable materials and each design has a meaning.

Let me walk you through the collection and give you some more in-depth details:


  • Linen – Each pillow cover is sewn from the highest quality linen fabrics. Linen is eco-friendly, sustainable, durable and hypoallergenic, so ideal even for the sensitive skin! We are only working with OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified linens, which were tested to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health.
  • Apart from linen, we only used the following materials for decorating the cushion covers: 100% Hemp Edgings, 100% Cotton yarn, 100% Jute yarn.


The Pure collection has 4 pillow covers. The pillow designs are based on the 4 Main Elements:

  1. EARTH
  2. AIR
  3. FIRE
  4. WATER

These four elements were believed to be essential to life and each cushion cover represents one element!

The style is clean, minimalist, classic but modern as well. The colour palette is a mixture of neutral shades (White, Beige), Earthy tones (Brown, Rust) and Dark Navy Blue. The combination of these hues create a clean relaxed look. The patterns are mostly created with stripes!

Now, let’s introduce each pillow one by one:

1. EARTH – represents grounding, the foundation of life, connection to life path and family roots! Our Earth pillow cover is sewn from Brown and White linens. Brown is the Ground and White is the Air! We have also added some jute stripes as a decor element, it can represent the sun as well on the right up corner!

2. AIR – represents intellect and connection to universal life force. Our Air cushion has a lighter feel than the previous Earth one. The main shades are White and Beige. This cushion is also based on the Air-Earth connection (bottom part Beige linen = Earth, top part White linen = Air). The stripes (made from hemp edging and White cotton yarn) symbolise the streaming of the pure air.

3. FIRE – represents energy, connection to personal power and inner strength! The Fire cushion cover is sewn from White and Rust linens. The 3 vertical jute stripes symbolise the fire itself (the Water pillow cover has horizontal jute stripes to emphasize the contrast between these 2 elements).

4. WATER – represents emotional release, intuition and inner reflection. The Water cushion is created from White and Navy-Blue linens, with White and Jute horizontal stripes, which represent the water itself.

We can find these 4 elements everywhere, in our environments and in ourselves as well. By choosing a pillow cover, you are choosing an element. The small objects in our home are everyday around us, so it is important to choose the things you like, tell your story, reflect your life and you like them. With our Pure collection we bring nature in to your home with a bit of style and we truly hope you will like the 4 pillow covers.

Author: Anna

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